Birthday Wishes

When I was about to blow the candle out on my Birthday cake this morning, I was trying to make a wish, but I found it to be harder than usual…. My mind just wanted so many things!! Sitting in my bed with my laptop now, looking out on the sunny blue sky and theRead more

Healing and Juicing

I have had many health concerns in my life, many of them disappeared when I started to eat Vegan foods, but some, like the warm sensation in my stomach and aches in my joints have stayed with me. I eat a lot of Raw Foods and I have noticed that it helps my overall wellbeing. So,Read more

A day in the studio

I love recording new music, especially when I get to work with Marco Deb, my producer and best friend. We create such a chill atmosphere in the studio and we make sure to always have fun. My little ray of sunshine Mio helps with the fun part, he considers this his playground. I can’t waitRead more

Is it ever too Late?

I have been pressuring myself quite hard these last couple of years. See, according to my plans, I was supposed to release a new Album/Book 1 1/2 years ago…what happened, you might ask? Life did. I got a beautiful gift from the stars, my beautiful Son. I also managed to delete everything from my computer,Read more

Dreaming of a greener life?

Do you dream of a greener life? I do. I have begun creating collages of “Green Living” photos to inspire me. I find this to be a great way to focus on what I like, and I also get to research new ways of living. Here is a collage I hope will inspire you. NatureRead more

Strawberry fuel

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Sometimes I get so caught up in work that I forget to eat. That’s why I cherish my Vitamix more than anything in my kitchen. It literary takes  me less than 5 min to whip up a nutritious and delicious smoothie. This creamy summer drink is one of my favorite smoothies. It tastes like heavenRead more

How Aqua Aerobics Can Help Relieve Stress

Dear readers this post is created by Kaitlin Gardner from Visit her site for inspiration on eco-friendly and healthy living. Enjoy! Love /Klara My friend Jenny came over the other day to visit, and she was so stressed I could not believe it. She had been running around picking out furniture for their new rec room, and hadRead more

Nice Cream

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It’s hot in Stockholm today! Luckily I alway keep some bananas in the freezer so I can make myself some cooling “nice cream”.  This recipe is so easy, and the best part is, it tastes like ice cream but it’s HEALTHY! RECIPE: 3 frozen Bananas 1 TBSP of Raw Cacao or Carob 1 TBSP ofRead more

Your Stomach is not a trash can.

Most health problems are caused by our way of living. How we eat, how we move, where we live and how we feel emotionally, are all factors that determine our health condition. Even if this might be common knowledge, most people in our society treat their stomach like a trash can. How come? Well, IRead more

Live Longer Smoothie

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Many try to fight off wrinkles and and other signs of aging with different potions and lotions, it rarely if ever works. The truth is, you will look and feel depending on how you eat. I don’t believe in resisting aging, why should change be bad? I don’t want to look exactly the same whenRead more