Helping or Empowering?

When people ask me what my mission here on earth is, it would be easy to answer them “- I want to help people”. But the truth is, people don’t need to be helped or saved. Humans are magnificent beings that have an endless supply of creativity and potential, we just need to remember it,Read more

Some thoughts on Misunderstandings and Pain.

A while back I had a misunderstanding with a certain person. “-So what?”, you might say. Well… this rarely happens to me, and I take every opportunity I can to learn how to communicate better. It truly blew my mind when I realized how gravely 2 people can misunderstand each other, even when they doRead more

Hemp Balls Recipe

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I love hemp! You can make so much from this precious weed. In my opinion, If every nation would start growing hemp to use as food and clothes (amongst other things) this planet would be a happier place. Here is a delicious and nutritious recipe for your mind, body and spirit. Your inner Hippie will thankRead more

The Hipptionary

I have written a “Hipptionary” for all you lovely people who wonder what I’m talking about sometimes. I will add more words to the list as I go. Hippie art by the talented Singleton. Until next time, Stay Hippilicious.Read more

Loveolution in Progress

We had our first photo session for the Loveolution project yesterday. I’m so grateful to the brave souls that let us portrait their love, and show the world that Love always finds a way. I feel blessed to get to work with Iga Mikler, a talented photographer with a mission to make the world a betterRead more

Energy Boost Smoothie

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Are you feeling tired around 3 o’clock? Need an energy boost so you can make it to dinner? Here is a great smoothie to help balance your energy. (see recipe below) 2 tsp Raw Tahini (simple to make, see a recipe here) 1 cup of organic green grapes 1 organic pear 1/2 cup of coldRead more

Focus Wheel Process

I want to share with you a great way to make your dreams reality. You have probably heard the saying,“If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. This is true, but the problem is that many of us seldom focus on our dreams and desires, hence we’re stuck in a reality that we dislikeRead more


This is one of my favorite songs from my EP Quest for Klarity. It reminds me to always relax and go with the flow. I hope this made you smile and relax. LoveRead more

Water Fast

Yesterday I did a water fast as part of the 21 day cleanse that I’m doing. I just drank water and some hibiscus tea the whole day. It was hard at first but so worth it. Today when I woke up I felt like a new person. I could feel how my stomach was thanking meRead more


I’m looking at my gratitude and dream wall and I’m counting my blessings. This year has been amazing! I have learned so many new things, gained more clarity, faced my fears, laughed my ass of and LOVED LOVED LOVED. I’m so grateful for all the beautiful people in my life, for all the angels thatRead more