100 LIVE

I’m celebrating my birthday on the 30th of September by performing at a 100 LIVE, a showcase at Etablissemanget Södra Teatern in Stockholm. We go on stage at 18.30 🙂 It’s free so come and enjoy some good vibes. I hope to see you guys there. Love and Light KlaraRead more

This is my cutest fan!

This is by far my cutest fan! Her name is Angelica and her mother sent me this video of her singing Sunshine and Butterflies. Every time I watch this, it makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you. Wishing you all Love and Light /KlaraRead more

Must have

I fell in love with this bicycle that I saw today! I really want to use it for a photo shoot, keeping my fingers crossed.Read more

Hillbilly Fun

When we were shooting the video for sunshine and butterflies we wanted to get in character, so we all got hillbilly names! I really appreciate working with this awesome crew. We had loads of fun and I think it shines through in the video. Enjoy! Btw. You can get your Hillbilly Name at Hillbilly NameRead more

Meadowsmusic.se reviews Sunshine and Butterflies!

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Read the sweet review that  Meadowsmusic.se gave “Sunshine and Butterflies”! I’m so happy that people appreciate my music! /Klara Kazmi Klara Kazmi released this song, “Sunshine and Butterflies”, during Summer, which the title clearly suggests. She continues to experiment and here she’s created her own mix of Americana and R’n’B, where she dances across the meadowRead more

Sunshine and Butterflies!

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Today is the official release of my new single SUNSHINE AND BUTTERFLIES! You can download it on Itunes! I’m working with the lovely people from 100songs on this release, check out their website 🙂 I’m so excited about this song, and I really hope that it will make you smile and dance like nobody isRead more

I love you Fasching!

I had a great show at Fasching on the 2nd of March, and the good vibes from the crowd are still vibrating in my heart. Thank you all for flying with me and The Cosmic RadioTransmitters that night! Hope to see you guys soon. Love and Light KlaraRead more

Goodies from Gudrun Sjöden

We got clothes and some other cool stuff from Gudrun Sjödén. This show is going to be so colorful and full of good vibes. Remember to buy your tickets at Fasching.se Love KlaraRead more

My band!

Tired after a long, but nice rehearsal with my band! Now it’s time to hit the sack and cuddle with my little angel. Sending you all love and light. /KlaraRead more

Love this Poster!!!

  Sling Fingers has made some beautiful posters for me this year!!! Isn’t he talented?! I am so blessed to get to work with so many awesome people! /KlaraRead more