Life in Color..

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When I started to follow my heart instead of only my mind, magic appeared in my life..Magic can be felt, seen, heard and even tasted in every moment of your daily experience..You can live a life where you wake up excited and curious every day. You can live a life that makes you go toRead more

New Music….

Pssst I have a secret. I’ve been brewing up some new music lately. Head to my social media to follow the progress. or See you there!Read more

Dick Pics out now!

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It’s time to release my new single Dick Pics. You can hear it here or if you visit Spotify. The video will be out soon and it’s going to be funny!Read more

Dick Pics – New song out soon!

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Hi Guys! I will release a new singel tomorrow.Yaaay! It’s called Dick Pics. I had a blast recording a video to this song yesterday. I got help from a team of awesomeness to pull this off. I will write a long thank you note to everyone once the video is released. Here are some pictures.Read more

Self Parenting – the sacred bond within.

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There is a sacred relationship within you between the inner child and the parent. The child often acts out and throws tantrums, demanding to get what he or she wants. Too often the parent backs off and let’s the child have it’s way. This energy tends to leak out and cause messy relationships and makesRead more

Self Dating – explore yourself.

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I’ve been self dating for many years. I find it to be the most pleasant way to dig within and hear myself. Today me and my inner characters discussed my level of self worth. I believe we attract what we feel worthy of, so taking a step back and observing my life is the bestRead more