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Yaaay guess who just released a new single?! This time it’s in Swedish, so to all my english speaking fans, don’t worry I’ll still release some more english music soon, but for now I need to big up my beautiful hometown Stockholm. You can listen to the single on SPOTIFY! I went on P5 SthlmRead more

The Voice of Truth

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We all need that voice that makes us believe in ourselves. Either we find it within ourselves or outside ourselves. It doesn’t matter which one comes first, because one attracts the other. Once we start listening to the sweet melody singing our praise, our whole being slowly fills up with a warm and beautiful sensation,Read more

Marry Yourself

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Beautiful light. I want to encourage you to a more intimate relationship with yourself. Date yourself, fall deeply In Love with yourself, commit to yourself and marry yourself. As your self worth expands, doubt and obstacles disappear. If you are curious about Self Marriage and what it is, here is a short description from wikipedia.Read more

Go Where You are Celebrated

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Go where you are celebrated not tolerated Where people look at you with warmth and appreciation in their eyes Where your thoughts and words are heard and deeply felt Where your heart is seen and held Where your soul feels free and at home Where all of you is welcomed and adored You are tooRead more


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Brothers and Sisters. The designer Gudrun Sjödén has created a lovely campaign to support the organisation “Kvinna till Kvinna” – “Woman to Woman”. This is an organization that works to support women in times of war and conflict. To spread awareness about this campaign Gudrun Sjödén asks people to go to their website whereRead more

Serving Love

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I often say that what I’m here to do is to serve love. A friend of mine suggested that I clarify what I mean by that. How I practice serving love, is by feeling in to what love would do. It can be regarding my life path, relationships, or just a specific item I’m consideringRead more

It’s all about Love

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We all levitate towards love. That pull in our hearts, that longing, that yearning, that is gravity pulling us home. -Klara KazmiRead more

Nourish Your Dreams

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We have to take our ideas and dreams where we can find support for them. All the plants and trees turn to the sun for nourishment, without it they can not grow. Your dreams and ideas need proper nourishment to blossom. So make sure to surround yourself with people who believe in you and yourRead more

What’s your purpose?

I truly believe that we all deserve to live our dreams. But most of us have a few inner blockages to get past to be able to do that. I will record a few videos that I hope will be helpful on your journey to live your dreams. First up. I’ll talk a bit aboutRead more

Self Dating

The thing about self-dating is that once you truly commit to yourself you instantly want to become the best version of you. The same expectations that you would have of a partner, you begin asking from yourself. You care for, cherish, pamper and adore yourself more and more each day, and once you find outRead more