Eating Right?

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Usually when you have bodily issues people ask you, are you eating right? Personally I don’t believe that there is one way that fits all, but I definitely believe that we have a personal right or wrong way. The trick is to figure out what works for you! I thrive on a Plantbased Vegan diet,Read more

Nice Cream

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It’s hot in Stockholm today! Luckily I alway keep some bananas in the freezer so I can make myself some cooling “nice cream”.  This recipe is so easy, and the best part is, it tastes like ice cream but it’s HEALTHY! RECIPE: 3 frozen Bananas 1 TBSP of Raw Cacao or Carob 1 TBSP ofRead more

Can Chocolate Be Healthy?

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March is health awareness month, and Shari’s Berries approached me and asked if I could create a Healthy Chocolate recipe. It got me thinking about what’s great about chocolate? well, what’s not great!! This divine bean is full of magnesium and Iron, that we need to nourish our beautiful bodies. It’s also a powerful stimuliRead more

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

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Do you ever get a craving for something unhealthy? Like a snickers bar or any other store bought chocolate? Then this is a recipe for you. These super easy Peanut Butter Cups take 3 minutes to make and they taste DIVINE. RECIPE: 2 TBSP raw peanut butter 1 TBSP raw organic coconut oil 1 TBSPRead more

Strawberry Saffron Cake

OMG! I’m in Raw Food heaven right now! My backup singer and her family were supposed to stop by yesterday, but their precious little angel felt bad so they had to cancel last minute. I had already made this delicious Strawberry and Saffron Cake, so now I guess me and my boys have to finishRead more

Hemp Balls Recipe

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I love hemp! You can make so much from this precious weed. In my opinion, If every nation would start growing hemp to use as food and clothes (amongst other things) this planet would be a happier place. Here is a delicious and nutritious recipe for your mind, body and spirit. Your inner Hippie will thankRead more

Blueberry Pudding!

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Mmmmm oh my!! This pudding is one of my favorite breakfasts and desserts. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, protein and good fats. A perfect treat for a snowy day like this. (see recipe below) 1/2 cup of soaked organic cashew (soak for at least 4 hours) 1/2 cup of organic blueberries 1 organic banana 1Read more