Scarf Love

I am in love with these organic cotton scarfs from Gudrun Sjödén! Not only are they gorgeous and sustainable, but I have noticed that they can be very useful! As you might know, I love finding multipurpose and hippify all my stuff, and I must say, I am surprised by how many functions a scarfRead more

Healing and Juicing

I have had many health concerns in my life, many of them disappeared when I started to eat Vegan foods, but some, like the warm sensation in my stomach and aches in my joints have stayed with me. I eat a lot of Raw Foods and I have noticed that it helps my overall wellbeing. So,Read more

Dreaming of a greener life?

Do you dream of a greener life? I do. I have begun creating collages of “Green Living” photos to inspire me. I find this to be a great way to focus on what I like, and I also get to research new ways of living. Here is a collage I hope will inspire you. NatureRead more

Sustainable Housing

I’m so inspired by these sustanable houses. They are called Earthships, what a suitable name, don’t you think? You can read more about these beautiful and eco-friendly houses here: http://earthship.comImagine living like this! Awesome right?! This is definitely my type of crib. I wish you a day full of daydreaming.Read more

Stay Hydrated!

This is the bottle that helps me stay hydrated, I usually have my smoothie in it to go, or just some pure delicious water.  Lifefactorys bottles are made from glass witch keeps your water fresh and free from toxins that plastic bottles may have.  Their caps are made of BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free polypropylene and are safe for everyday food andRead more