There is a person in my surrounding that never shows me any love, and always judges me. This person loudly disapproves of my lifestyle and always tries to change me. I call this person my Guru, because every time we interact I learn something new about myself and my pains. When resistance hits me bad,Read more

Healing fear

I’m becoming increasingly aware of my fear of failure and its mean posse. I guess I have always seen and heard that little voice, but I haven’t paid much attention to how it really affects my whole life. I consider myself to be a fairly happy person, I have worked hard on transforming different pains,Read more


Lately I have had this urge to share everything with everyone. I think I know what it is my soul is craving, it is authenticity. Meeting people in complete honesty, allowing everyone to see me and allowing myself to be seen. I am longing to be loved for who I am without veils or filtersRead more

Absolutely no regrets

“When in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time later to choose work.” –Anna Quindlen This quote sums up the reason why I have chosen to be a stay at home mom and freelance in my free time. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t feel deep gratitude to theRead more

This is me… then

I’m creating a lot of new music at the moment. As I evolve, It’s natural to outgrow styles and preferences, but I do believe that it’s important to always be proud of who you were. I know of artists that always start new projects and delete everything they have done before to be able toRead more

Birthday Wishes

When I was about to blow the candle out on my Birthday cake this morning, I was trying to make a wish, but I found it to be harder than usual…. My mind just wanted so many things!! Sitting in my bed with my laptop now, looking out on the sunny blue sky and theRead more

A day in the studio

I love recording new music, especially when I get to work with Marco Deb, my producer and best friend. We create such a chill atmosphere in the studio and we make sure to always have fun. My little ray of sunshine Mio helps with the fun part, he considers this his playground. I can’t waitRead more

Is it ever too Late?

I have been pressuring myself quite hard these last couple of years. See, according to my plans, I was supposed to release a new Album/Book 1 1/2 years ago…what happened, you might ask? Life did. I got a beautiful gift from the stars, my beautiful Son. I also managed to delete everything from my computer,Read more

Sleepless in Miami

These past months have been crazy busy. I have experienced so much creativity, love and inspiration, I decided to fully loose myself in it and surrender. I have gained so much clarity on my purpose now, and how to expand this heart centered reality even more. I’m so excited and I’m eagerly looking forward toRead more

New Era, New Music…

I slowed down to reflect and grow… It took me a couple of years to realize why I’m doing this. I didn’t honor this gift before, I didn’t understand the power she holds… So much growth has taken place, a loveolution is in bloom. I have shifted gears and am flying full speed into theRead more