Go Where You are Celebrated

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Go where you are celebrated not tolerated Where people look at you with warmth and appreciation in their eyes Where your thoughts and words are heard and deeply felt Where your heart is seen and held Where your soul feels free and at home Where all of you is welcomed and adored You are tooRead more

It’s all about Love

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We all levitate towards love. That pull in our hearts, that longing, that yearning, that is gravity pulling us home. -Klara KazmiRead more

Nourish Your Dreams

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We have to take our ideas and dreams where we can find support for them. All the plants and trees turn to the sun for nourishment, without it they can not grow. Your dreams and ideas need proper nourishment to blossom. So make sure to surround yourself with people who believe in you and yourRead more


CONVERSATIONS WITH MY HEART Mind frustrated: – is this pain really necessary? Heart smiling and calmly whispering: – it is your resistance that hurts dear.Read more

The Second Wife

She gets all the love that you should have had She gets all the adoration that you never got She gets all the support that you needed She gets all the presence that you longed for She gets everything you worked so hard for Not because she deserves it more than you dear Her heartRead more

I am Love

My cells silently whisper ancient spells in a language long forgotten. My blood sings me lullabies at nights about the bravery and power of the Goddesses. My heart beats to the rhythms of their sacred rituals and magical dances. They are chanting to me, remember sister, remember that you are love. -Klara Kazmi-Read more