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I feel grateful that so many support my life’s work. Thank you Kindred Spirit Magazine for spreading the #Loveolution. Sending you Butterfly KissesRead more reviews Sunshine and Butterflies!

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Read the sweet review that gave “Sunshine and Butterflies”! I’m so happy that people appreciate my music! /Klara Kazmi Klara Kazmi released this song, “Sunshine and Butterflies”, during Summer, which the title clearly suggests. She continues to experiment and here she’s created her own mix of Americana and R’n’B, where she dances across the meadowRead more

Scandinavian Soul Reviews Sunshine and Butterflies

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Here is a lovely review of “Sunshine and Butterflies” from Scandinavian Soul. It warmed my heart 🙂   I guess you should always expect the unexpected from Swedish soul singer Klara Kazmi. We’ve heard her dramatic change in direction with her last sexy, “baby-making” release “Nice”. Now, her new single “Sunshine and Butterflies” takes yetRead more