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There is joy in my heart, not because life gave it to me, but because I invited it. I might not have been served happiness on a silver plate, but I have been served the freedom to choose joy over and over. See, pain doesn’t break you, it makes you.Read more

Daily Appreciation

I appreciate the divine masculine for elevating and holding me up today! There are so many beautiful Kings on this planet who are healing, supporting and loving. They deserve and have my deepest gratitude. Art by: Alex GreyRead more

The Book of Love

How is your relationship to your lover? your children? friends? to yourself? Want to improve it? Even if it’s magnificent, we can always find more appreciation right? Let’s begin a loving new habit. I call this project “The book of Love”. The first step is to go out an buy  yourself a notebook, and one for yourRead more


I’m looking at my gratitude and dream wall and I’m counting my blessings. This year has been amazing! I have learned so many new things, gained more clarity, faced my fears, laughed my ass of and LOVED LOVED LOVED. I’m so grateful for all the beautiful people in my life, for all the angels thatRead more