Daily affirmation

As I sit and listen to the rain falling outside my window, I think about how my thoughts and actions have affected me and my surroundings today. Have I learned something new? Made someone smile? Taken care of my temple (body) well? I feel ready to step up my game, to elevate. I want toRead more

The Power of YOU!

I haven been thinking a lot about the meaning of self empowerment lately. There are so many different meanings and aspects to this word, but for me Self Empowerment is: 1) Knowing about and trusting in your infinite power. 2 ) Understanding that you are the writer and creator of your own story. 3) FeelingRead more

Some thoughts on Misunderstandings and Pain.

A while back I had a misunderstanding with a certain person. “-So what?”, you might say. Well… this rarely happens to me, and I take every opportunity I can to learn how to communicate better. It truly blew my mind when I realized how gravely 2 people can misunderstand each other, even when they doRead more