Everything Happens for Me

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Everything happens for me, not to me. This is my daily mantra. This belief has put everything into perspective for me. Every time life brings me something that I feel is hard to deal with, I get an opportunity to let go of resistance, surrender and open to learning something new. I remind myself thatRead more

Life in Color..

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When I started to follow my heart instead of only my mind, magic appeared in my life..Magic can be felt, seen, heard and even tasted in every moment of your daily experience..You can live a life where you wake up excited and curious every day. You can live a life that makes you go toRead more


I recently realized that I’ve been censoring my art out of fear of hurting some people, or not managing to help heal them. I’ve been procrastinating releasing much of my work in fear of how it will be received. Isn’t that crazy?! Me and my fear went on a date to the forest and weRead more