Self- Care

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I hope you’ll take some time to love on yourself today dear.Take yourself out on a date. A real date. Give yourself lots of attention and care, just like you wish a lover or partner would do. You are multifaceted and intricate. Dive deep into the enigma that is you. Once you start exploring yourself,Read more

Self Dating – explore yourself.

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I’ve been self dating for many years. I find it to be the most pleasant way to dig within and hear myself. Today me and my inner characters discussed my level of self worth. I believe we attract what we feel worthy of, so taking a step back and observing my life is the bestRead more

Marry Yourself

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Beautiful light. I want to encourage you to a more intimate relationship with yourself. Date yourself, fall deeply In Love with yourself, commit to yourself and marry yourself. As your self worth expands, doubt and obstacles disappear. If you are curious about Self Marriage and what it is, here is a short description from wikipedia.Read more

Go Where You are Celebrated

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Go where you are celebrated not tolerated Where people look at you with warmth and appreciation in their eyes Where your thoughts and words are heard and deeply felt Where your heart is seen and held Where your soul feels free and at home Where all of you is welcomed and adored You are tooRead more

Serving Love

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I often say that what I’m here to do is to serve love. A friend of mine suggested that I clarify what I mean by that. How I practice serving love, is by feeling in to what love would do. It can be regarding my life path, relationships, or just a specific item I’m consideringRead more

Self Dating

The thing about self-dating is that once you truly commit to yourself you instantly want to become the best version of you. The same expectations that you would have of a partner, you begin asking from yourself. You care for, cherish, pamper and adore yourself more and more each day, and once you find outRead more