Shine Bright

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Please don’t let someone else’s negative stories about you become the reason you choose to dim your light. Don’t let their hurt become your road block. You came here to shine a special kind of light. A light only you can shine.You are so precious. You are special. You are valuable. And believe me these are not just words, theyRead more

Facing Unworthiness – Self-Love Sunday with Klara Kazmi

The fear of rejection is such a paralyzing and powerful fear. It connects us to the most horrifying feeling of them all, unworthiness. Most of us go through life making choices to escape facing unworthiness. We choose to go for the job that we think we can get, not what we want. We choose toRead more

The Voice of Truth

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We all need that voice that makes us believe in ourselves. Either we find it within ourselves or outside ourselves. It doesn’t matter which one comes first, because one attracts the other. Once we start listening to the sweet melody singing our praise, our whole being slowly fills up with a warm and beautiful sensation,Read more

Marry Yourself

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Beautiful light. I want to encourage you to a more intimate relationship with yourself. Date yourself, fall deeply In Love with yourself, commit to yourself and marry yourself. As your self worth expands, doubt and obstacles disappear. If you are curious about Self Marriage and what it is, here is a short description from wikipedia.Read more

Self Dating

The thing about self-dating is that once you truly commit to yourself you instantly want to become the best version of you. The same expectations that you would have of a partner, you begin asking from yourself. You care for, cherish, pamper and adore yourself more and more each day, and once you find outRead more


I recently realized that I’ve been censoring my art out of fear of hurting some people, or not managing to help heal them. I’ve been procrastinating releasing much of my work in fear of how it will be received. Isn’t that crazy?! Me and my fear went on a date to the forest and weRead more

You are worthy

Lately I have been working a lot with my self worth. Now I clearly see that whatever area I have felt displeased with in my life, it has always come down to the fact that I haven’t felt worthy enough. I have also discovered another thing, many times what I have desired has changed onceRead more