The first cover I ever made

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I was going through old files on my laptop and found this. The first cover I ever made. It is for a track called “No enemy” that I later released on my EP Quest for Klarity (it’s on spotify if you want to listen). ?I made this more than 10 years ago, before I knew anythingRead more

New Era, New Music…

I slowed down to reflect and grow… It took me a couple of years to realize why I’m doing this. I didn’t honor this gift before, I didn’t understand the power she holds… So much growth has taken place, a loveolution is in bloom. I have shifted gears and am flying full speed into theRead more

50 shades of nice!

I am speechless! This beautiful visual interpretation of my song Nice is made by Iga Mikler and Kachna Baraniewiczowna. It is so intimate and pure, yet daring and real. Yes, let’s love more, let’s create something nice 🙂 Enjoy this beautiful creation together with my Saffron Cake, I promise that it will enhance the experience. Happy Valentine’sRead more